Virginia Financial Success Network

Virginia Financial Success Network Study


  • A job?
  • Help creating and following a budget?
  • Resources to prepare for your financial future?
  • A one-on-one financial coach?

The Virginia Financial Success Network (VFSN) can help!

The Virginia Financial Success Network is a program that offers workforce and education services bundled with financial services and supports to eligible customers of selected Virginia Workforce Centers. The goal of the program is to help participants obtain and keep jobs and improve their financial stability. A research study of the program is going to look at how well the program works.

  • Only participants enrolled in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program are eligible to apply. (If you are a veteran or an eligible spouse of a veteran in the WIOA Program, you are guaranteed enrollment in the program and will not be part of the study.)
  • Participants ages 18 and older are selected by random assignment.
  • All information is kept entirely confidential.
  • A two-year commitment is optional.
  • $20 cash is given as an incentive for completing the initial enrollment survey.

Resources are also available to help improve credit, develop a plan to pay current bills, and identify ways to save for the future.

Please contact your WIOA Case Manager.

Please contact Ms. Christina Sousa-Poza at (757) 461-7537 ext. 1320 or via e-mail at .

For more information about the VFSN Program in Virginia, you can watch the orientation video or visit the VFSN homepage.